Life insight on an Indonesian hideaway.


Is it bad karma to step on a gecko barefoot upon exiting the shower?

I find myself in a two story bamboo bungalow overlooking a field of palm trees, chickens, and the occasional cow. My bungalow has a floor hatch next to the bed where I descend into a ground floor area open to the sky where I shower, have a toilet, and water basin for flushing and washing clothes when I need to. Ko Uchi is the place. The caretaker Ramli tells me that it is named after a friend.



I’ve been on the small island of Gili Meno for three days now. Situated north of the Indonesian island of Lombok. It is a quiet place, with amazing views, fantastic snorkeling, and great food. I love Indonesian food.


After several months of traveling in a group, and time with friends in Cambodia, I suppose I came to Indonesia searching for a bit of solitude, reflection, and tranquility. Upon entering Indonesia, I had been in contact with a woman named Pamela. It is a strange revelation for me, the word “woman”. When does my perception shift them from girls to women?

Pamela is a Family Physician from Belgium. Despite the fact that we are both on the same road to finding ourselves (whatever that means), I find her to be well accomplished. As well as very intelligent, adventurous, and independent. I believe referring to her in any way other than a woman would be affronting.

Pamela and I didn’t actually organize a meeting time or place on the island. She simply ran into me as I sat along the beach eating Nasi Campur from a cafe named Ya Ya Warung. This should gives you reference to the size of Gili Meno. Pam had already made a few friends on the island a couple of German guys, one French Canadian, and a holistic, in touch Aussie named Jeremy and his daughter Om.

I’ve spent the last few days lounging at the beach, practicing yoga and handstands, eating coconut, playing volleyball against the locals, and reading Paulo Coelho. Pam and I have been having ginger tea from Ramli’s kitchen every morning (minus the tea) and talking about life, travel, and future pursuits. I find my self repeatedly drawn back to these topics, in a good way. They seem to be what I resonate with most, as of lately.

Tomorrow I will leave Meno and return to Sengiggi. From there, I will make my way to southern Lombok for a few days to surf, and hopefully meet a few interesting people. Pam and I have plans to meet up in Bali for a few days before we both go our separate ways, back into the world.

This island, and the people I’ve met have had a large impact on me. Despite only spending a short time here.

Several months ago, In Bodrum, Turkey, I purchased a pair of blue snorkeling googles. I have been carrying these googles all over Asia to use when I want to free dive. What I experienced yesterday opened a door to immense growth.

As I exited the ocean from a swim with my googles something stopped me in mid step. I immediately turned around to face the ocean and a view of the mountains of Lombok, for reasons still unknown. With my ankles still submerged in the water, and my eyes fixed on the peaks, a wave rushed up the shore and across my legs. In this moment, something hooked itself perfectly around my right ankle. I reach my hand down, and what I pull out of the water was a fully intact blue snorkel that perfectly matched my googles.

Some may call this extreme coincidence, but this event was much more significant for me. The snorkel represents the other piece of the puzzle, It completes the set. Hundreds of thoughts rushed my mind all at once, all merging together, coming to one obvious conclusion. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, where I belong, out here in the world, always moving, always learning, always growing.

My life is changed, forever.

-Jesse Hunter


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3 comments on “Life insight on an Indonesian hideaway.
  1. Brandy hamilton says:

    Love to read your post glad you are having a good time and are doing well can’t wait till next post

  2. Jenny says:

    Hunter– I am so happy for you! Sending positive energy and love your way! Keep exploring!!

  3. Love reading your blog. You are a talented and gifted young man. I pray for you on your journey! Enjoy life and grow into the person you were intended to be.

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