Willpower, child-like happiness, reaching your goals


I’ve made a lot of adjustments in my life over the past few years towards a healthier path. People always ask me how I abruptly stopped eating unhealthy foods, or if I ever crave things that I’ve stopped eating. The truth is, I love the way that I eat! Do I ever crave junk food? Sure I do, Pizza used to be my favorite food. When I stopped eating fast food, I ate it 7 days a week! The thing is, small cravings for items from my past will never outweigh the information I now know regarding those items and my well being.

When I decide to cut anything out of my lifestyle, I first make sure that it is a sound conviction and that I am passionate about the decision. Next, I simply say “Today is the last day I indulge in this act.” I mean it, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This may seem obvious, but it really is that simple. You can apply that to any aspect or task life throws your way. The power of change is inside YOU. It isn’t a herbal potion, medication, or a pricey seminar, It is a state of mind. The world around you is just an illusion. You have shaped everything you see, think, and feel. As Tony Robbins would say “You base every decision you make in life off of two variables: pleasure or pain.”

We are constantly shaping our life this way. If something causes us pain, we will forever associate “pain” with that action. The same goes for pleasurable situations. Comfort food is a good example of this. We have a tendency to choose short term pleasure over long term pain. As well as, avoid short term pain even if it will bring long term pleasure. The way in which you perceive the world is created inside your mind. As adults we constantly live inside our minds, and we constantly compare new experiences to old ones. This is why things always seemed so magical and exciting as a child. Children do not live inside their minds. They do not evaluate every action they make, and they do not constantly worry about things they cannot control. Children live in the moment, aren’t constantly trying to live in a way that they want to be viewed by their peers, and aren’t basing their experiences on past experiences. These are key elements to happiness, and they have been under your nose all along.

The first step to changing your life is being aware of your mental flaws, your weaknesses, your pains, and your pleasures. Don’t be afraid of what other people will think of your views or ideas. Your idea of what your peers think is really just a reflection of how you feel anyways. So again, voice your ideas and be passionate about your convictions! Your friends or family may give you grief about your actions or beliefs sometimes, but that’s ok! There is no need to get angry or collapse under pressure from peers to partake in an action or activity that you don’t agree with. All you have to do is ask yourself, “Am I a sheep or am I a shepherd?”


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